Telegram Introduces Mini App Bar and Boosts Monetization for Creators

Telegram Introduces Mini App Bar and Boosts Monetization for Creators

Telegram has rolled out a significant update for June, introducing several new features aimed at enhancing user experience and providing more monetization options for content creators, according to Telegram.

Mini App Bar

One of the standout features of the update is the Mini App Bar. With over 500 million users interacting with mini apps monthly, Telegram now allows users to collapse these mini apps into a compact bar at the bottom of the screen. This feature enables users to respond to messages, switch accounts, and open other mini apps without needing to reload the original app.

To minimize an app, users simply need to swipe down on its header. Reopening the app is just as easy—tap the app bar at the bottom of the screen and select one of the active apps.

Monetization for Content Creators

In an effort to help content creators monetize their channels, Telegram has introduced paid photos and videos. Creators can now accept Telegram Stars for their content, allowing subscribers to view posts only after paying to unlock them. These Stars can be used to receive rewards in Toncoin or to buy Telegram Ads at discounted rates.

Telegram takes almost no commission from transactions involving Stars, making it an attractive option for creators looking to monetize their content with minimal fees.

Enhanced Story Search

The update also brings improvements to the Stories feature. Users can now search stories by hashtag or location, making it easier to discover content. Tapping a hashtag in any chat will show search results from both private chats and public channels. Similarly, tapping a location tag in a story will display public stories from the same location.

These new search functionalities are designed to help content creators and businesses grow their audience by making it easier for users to organically discover their profiles or channels.

Link Widget in Stories

Premium users can now add a link widget to their stories, creating a stylish link preview on photos or videos. This widget supports both light and dark backgrounds, allowing for better customization and engagement.

Rewards for Developers and Creators

Bot developers and content creators can now use the Stars they earn to receive rewards in Toncoin or to buy Telegram Ads. The platform offers a 30% discount on ads to cover third-party payment system fees, making it a cost-effective way to reach new users.

For those interested in withdrawing their Stars as Toncoin rewards, Telegram has made this process straightforward via Fragment, allowing for easy exchange with other cryptocurrencies.

Subsidized Ads

Telegram continues to support privacy-conscious ads in public channels. Bot developers and content creators can use Stars to promote their bots or channels at a special rate with a 30% discount, providing a cost-effective method to attract new subscribers.

Overall, Telegram’s June update brings a range of new features designed to enhance user experience and provide more opportunities for content creators to monetize their work.

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