SingularityNET (AGIX) Unveils Significant Ecosystem Developments in June 2024

SingularityNET (AGIX) Unveils Significant Ecosystem Developments in June 2024

SingularityNET (AGIX), a leading decentralized AI platform, has released its latest ecosystem updates for June 2024, highlighting significant advancements and milestones. Key updates include the ASI Alliance token merger, the success of Deep Funding Round 4, and the announcement of the 17th Annual AGI Conference (AGI-24).

ASI Alliance Token Merger Update

On June 20th, 2024, the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance announced substantial progress on the ASI token merger. Scheduled to begin on July 1, 2024, the merger will temporarily consolidate SingularityNET’s AGIX and Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN tokens into’s FET before transitioning to the ASI ticker symbol at a later date. This two-phased process aims to ensure a smooth and transparent transition for token holders.

Phase I Overview:

  • Rebranding the project as the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance.
  • Temporarily merging AGIX and OCEAN tokens into FET.
  • Maintaining FET trading without interruption.

Phase I Timeline:

  • July 1, 2024: Project name and logos updated, AGIX and OCEAN deposits and withdrawals close, migration platform for AGIX and OCEAN to FET opens, and AGIX and OCEAN begin delisting from exchanges.

Phase II Overview:

  • Community onboarding and deployment of the ASI token across chains.
  •’s network upgrades to the ASI network.
  • Introduction of new migration contracts for conversion from FET, AGIX, and OCEAN to ASI.
  • Opening Ethereum Virtual Machine and other bridges to facilitate ASI token transfers.
  • Exchange migration from FET to ASI.

Deep Funding Round 4 Results

Deep Funding Round 4 (DFR4) concluded with record-breaking participation, receiving 210 proposals from the community. Out of these, 192 proposals advanced to the voting phase, with over 100 showcased during the Spotlight Day event. Ultimately, $1,437,735 was awarded to 29 innovative proposals. The community is encouraged to participate in the upcoming Deep Funding Round 5.

17th Annual AGI Conference (August 13–16)

SingularityNET will co-organize and sponsor the 17th Annual Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-24) from August 13-16, 2024, at the University of Washington in Seattle. The conference will feature keynotes, technical talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, exploring themes like the future of AGI systems, challenges on the path to human-level AGI, and the roles of industry, government, and academia.

SingularityNET’s Technical Tuesdays

The ‘Technical Tuesdays’ series continues to provide deep dives into OpenCog Hyperon’s research and development. Recent sessions explored real-world interoperability between Hyperon and the SingularityNET platform, scaling Hyperon components, and integrating OpenCog Hyperon with the decentralized AI platform.

MeTTa Study Group

The MeTTa Study Group sessions have been opened to the public, inviting developers and AI researchers to explore the MeTTa language for cognitive computations. Interested individuals can join the group to learn about this unique language designed for AGI cognitive processes.

Building a Better Future with Beneficial AGI

The Beneficial AGI (BGI) Summit gathered industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers to discuss AGI governance and leveraging intelligent machines for ethical progress. The event emphasized ongoing discussions, networking, and collaboration to drive the development of beneficial AGI.

SingularityNET Ecosystem All-Hands on X Spaces — June 2024

The second SingularityNET ecosystem all-hands meeting on X Spaces featured updates on the ASI Alliance and broader decentralized AI advancements. Participants included representatives from Rejuve.Bio, Twin Protocol, SophiaVerse, HyperCycle, Mindplex, Yaya Labs, Cogito, and Deep Funding.

Ambassador Program

The SingularityNET Ambassador Program saw increased participation and finalized the Q3 workgroup budget ahead of schedule. The program celebrated its 100th Town Hall meeting and saw four core contributors’ Deep Funding proposals approved. Recordings of the Town Hall meetings are available on YouTube.

Ecosystem News and Updates

SingularityDAO successfully launched the Ledgity Token Generation Event and supported new launchpad projects. Rejuve.Bio raised over $260K in its crowd fund and presented at the Longevity Summit Dublin 2024. Cogito formed a strategic partnership with IX Swap, and Jam Galaxy announced a partnership with TuneFM to revolutionize artist reimbursement. HyperCycle unveiled its HyperShare Creation Wizard, enabling true P2P environment management.

Latest SingularityNET Events and Conferences

SingularityNET participated in key events like the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance Business Summit, SuperAI, TNW Conference 2024, and Longevity Summit Dublin 2024, showcasing thought leadership and advancements in AI and AGI.

SingularityNET Community Spotlight

The SingularityNET community continues to thrive, with Ambassadors discussing key takeaways from recent panels, holding inaugural LATAM Ambassadors Town Hall meetings, and sharing insights from podcasts. The community is invited to join the SingularityNET Discord server and explore the Ambassador Program for collaboration opportunities.

SingularityNET in the News

Recent media coverage includes interviews and features on SingularityNET’s progress, partnerships, and thought leadership in the AI space, highlighting the platform’s commitment to decentralized AI and beneficial AGI.

For further details, visit the official source on SingularityNET.

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