Working with Aston Martin is always a dream come true! Last year, I joined the team for an iconic and glamorous Cannes Film Festival and for this year’s launch of the Aston Martin DBX707 SUV, the team and I headed out to the countryside of Edinburgh, Scotland to off road and really immerse ourselves in this luxurious new style. The DBX707 comes in super bold and chic colorways that really pop against the lush green landscapes of Scotland. Think deep reds, lime greens, and a rich orange. We threw on our wellies, cozied up in wool blankets with hot cups of coffee by our tent, and headed out to off road through the hills and mud of the beautiful Scottish countryside. I put the pedal to the metal on our drive. I was screaming, it was so much fun. By the time my drive was over, my car was covered in mud. It’s amazing what this car can do. There’s just so much power. Along our drive, we made a few stops at The Gleneagles Hotel. It was so charming that it was only natural to turn it into a full photoshoot, even in the pink powder room. For this trip, I wore a lot of great suiting, tweed sets, and fancy evening dresses. Surrounded by so much elegance, all you want to do is play dress up.

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