Let Me Solo Her Finally Defeats Erdtree’s Final Boss After Three Hour Marathon That Left Them ‘Shaking’

The Elden Ring community’s favorite folk hero, Let Me Solo Her, has finally completed the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, after a streaming marathon spanning multiple days during which he struggled repeatedly against the DLC’s final boss.

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of Shadow of the Erdtree follow below!

Tsuboi Klein, also known as Let Me Solo Her, has been steadily working his way through the new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree with the rest of us. Just yesterday, he finally crossed the finish line, defeating Promised Consort Radahn live on stream after something in the vicinity of 74 attempts. Despite being thought of as something of an Elden Ring expert, Let Me Solo Her really struggled with the second coming of Radahn, only defeating him after several hours of attempts spaced out over two days.

“Holy crap, my fingers are actually trembling right now,” he said upon victory. “I’m shaking.”

Let Me Solo Her rose to notoriety by offering his summon sign to players struggling to beat the most difficult boss in the base game, Malenia. Wearing nothing more than a pot on his head, Let Me Solo Her has defeated Malenia hundreds of times now on behalf of others. While it might be natural to expect him to breeze through the DLC with skills like that, it’s worth noting that Let Me Solo Her got so good at Malenia by practicing her fight a lot. It took him over 200 attempts just to beat her the first time. So it’s only natural he’d get good at Radahn with practice, too.

So is Let Me Solo Her going to master Radahn and help others defeat him now? Probably not just yet. Let Me Solo Her acknowledged at the end of his stream that he had somewhat beelined his way to Radahn and hadn’t finished a lot of the other DLC boss fights, so he wants to go back and wrap things up first. He also wants to enjoy the DLC a bit off-stream, too, just for himself. Additionally, he’s already been spending his time helping others beat Messmer, another story-required boss fight that many are struggling with. He’s even technically rebranded as “Let Me Solo Him” just for that fight. Let Me Solo Her will continue to assist other players with Messmer for a bit longer, he says, before moving on to helping people with Radahn.

We interviewed Let Me Solo Her two years ago during the height of his fame, and can confirm that he’s delightful not just in battle against Malenia and Radahn, but also to speak with. And we caught up with him again ahead of the release of Shadow of the Erdtree to hear his plans for exploring the Land of Shadow. Sounds like that’s going great for him.

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