SyncTwin Leverages OpenUSD and Generative AI to Democratize Industrial Digital Twins

SyncTwin Leverages OpenUSD and Generative AI to Democratize Industrial Digital Twins

SyncTwin GmbH is making strides in the industrial sector with its innovative application that integrates OpenUSD and generative AI to enhance manufacturing efficiency and sustainability, according to the NVIDIA Blog.

SyncTwin developed a digital twin app leveraging NVIDIA’s cuOpt, an optimization engine for complex routing problems, and the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. This app aims to optimize production processes, intralogistics, and assembly by creating accurate digital replicas of industrial environments.

OpenUSD’s Role in Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing workflows are inherently complex, requiring effective communication and integration across various domains to ensure operational efficiency. The SyncTwin app, built using OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse, facilitates seamless collaboration for factory managers and their teams. This integration helps in optimizing processes and resources by consolidating visual data, production details, product catalogs, orders, schedules, and production settings into a cohesive digital twin.

The app supports the aggregation of diverse data sources, including floorplans from Microsoft PowerPoint and warehouse container data from Excel spreadsheets, into a unified digital twin. This approach enables non-destructive editing and composition of complex 3D assets and animations, enhancing the digital precision of factory operations.

Michael Wagner, co-founder and chief technology officer of SyncTwin, emphasized the significance of OpenUSD, stating, “OpenUSD is the common language bringing all these different factory domains into a single digital twin. The framework can be instrumental in dismantling data silos and enhancing collaborative efficiency across different factory domains, such as assembly, logistics, and infrastructure planning.”

Pioneering Generative AI in Factory Planning

SyncTwin’s integration of generative AI into its platform provides users with data-driven insights and recommendations, thereby enhancing decision-making processes. This AI integration automates complex analyses, accelerates operations, and reduces the need for manual inputs, streamlining factory planning and operations.

The combination of OpenUSD and generative AI in SyncTwin’s app is setting new standards for operational efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing. Users can gain a deeper understanding of how these technologies work together by attending sessions at industry events such as NVIDIA GTC.

Get Plugged Into the World of OpenUSD

For those interested in exploring OpenUSD further, NVIDIA experts will be available at SIGGRAPH, taking place from July 28 to August 1 at the Colorado Convention Center and online. Highlights include NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s fireside chat and OpenUSD Day, where industry leaders will showcase how to build 3D pipelines and tools using OpenUSD.

By leveraging the capabilities of OpenUSD and NVIDIA’s AI and optimization technologies, SyncTwin is driving the evolution of factory planning and operations, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction across the manufacturing sector.

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