The Walking Dead: Empires Announces New Hero Card Sales and Monthly Events

The Walking Dead: Empires Announces New Hero Card Sales and Monthly Events

June is ending on a high note for The Walking Dead: Empires, as monthly events are underway and top players are rising through the leaderboard ranks. According to Gala News, there is still time left in the Survivor’s Trial event, urging players to craft as if their lives depend on it.

Expand Your Empire with Glenn

In a significant update, The Walking Dead: Empires will now offer specific Hero Cards during limited-time sales, with the first character being Glenn from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Glenn’s adaptability and resourcefulness, coupled with his compassion, make him a formidable character in the game. Players can now acquire the Glenn Hero Card, enabling them to experience the game from Glenn’s perspective, defending their base and building towards a better future.

Sale Details

The sale of Glenn Hero Cards commenced on Friday, June 28th, at 8 am PT. The sale will continue until supplies run out or the card is removed in anticipation of new releases. Currently, only Common and Ancient versions of Glenn are available:

  • Common: $4.99 Each | 2000 Supply
  • Ancient: $249.99 Each | 20 Supply

These items are directly fulfilled to GalaChain and are playable in-game immediately.

Introducing Weekly Events

Since the launch of the Public Development Build, players have been able to carve out their own corner of The Walking Dead universe. Starting this June, weekly events will challenge players’ skills and dominance of the wasteland. The top 200 players on the leaderboard at the end of each event will receive valuable in-game prizes.

June Event Overview

Four weekly events are planned for June:

  • Week 1: Deadland Scavenge: Gather rare resources to claim the top spot.
  • Week 2: Build the Future: Craft resources to climb the leaderboard.
  • Week 3: Survivor’s Trial: Gain the most XP and grow your character’s power.
  • Week 4: Walker Wipeout: Destroy as many walkers as possible for dominance.

The first event began on Monday, June 3rd at 5 pm PT, with each subsequent event starting on Mondays at 5 pm PT.

More to Survive

Glenn is the first Hero to be introduced, but more characters are expected in the coming months. Regular releases of favorite characters, new events, and more are on the horizon. The Public Development Build of The Walking Dead: Empires is just getting started, with regular sales for Hero Cards and new events planned. Player feedback has been invaluable in shaping the game’s development.

For more details, visit the official Gala News.

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