Gala Games Unveils Glenn Hero Card for The Walking Dead: Empires

Gala Games Unveils Glenn Hero Card for The Walking Dead: Empires

Gala Games has announced the release of a new Hero Card featuring Glenn, a beloved character from AMC’s The Walking Dead, for their game The Walking Dead: Empires. According to Gala News, the sale of the Glenn Hero Card began on Friday, June 28, 2024, at 8 AM PT.

Expand Your Empire with Glenn

Glenn’s character, known for his adaptability, resourcefulness, and compassionate nature, can now be part of players’ empires in the game. The introduction of the Glenn Hero Card allows players to step into Glenn’s shoes, defending their bases and building towards a better future.

Players can start leveling up their Glenn Hero Card immediately, which is playable in-game right after purchase. This addition aims to enhance the gaming experience by bringing one of the most beloved characters from the TV series into the virtual world.

Sale Details

The Glenn Hero Card is available in two versions: Common and Ancient. The Common version is priced at $4.99 with a supply of 2,000 units, while the Ancient version costs $249.99 with only 20 units available. The sale will continue until the supply runs out, or until the card is removed in anticipation of new Hero Card releases. Gala Games assures ample warning before any removal takes place.

Common: $4.99 Each | 2000 Supply
Ancient: $249.99 Each | 20 Supply

More to Survive

Glenn is the first Hero Card to hit the store, but Gala Games promises that he will not be the last. Players can expect regular releases of their favorite characters in the coming months. The company encourages feedback to help adjust their plans and schedules accordingly.

The Public Development Build of The Walking Dead: Empires is in its early stages, and regular sales of Hero Cards will be accompanied by new events and updates. As Gala Games expands content and prepares for a full release, they appreciate the community’s engagement and feedback.

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