Startups Leverage AI to Revolutionize Bioscience, Skin Care, and More

Startups Leverage AI to Revolutionize Bioscience, Skin Care, and More

Startups worldwide are harnessing machine learning and AI to create tools and solutions across an increasingly large swath of industries, according to Microsoft.

Basecamp Research: Advancing Bioscience with AI

Biologists and explorers Glen Gowers and Oliver Vince embarked on a groundbreaking expedition in 2019 to sequence DNA from microorganisms in Iceland. Their findings led to the creation of Basecamp Research, a London-based startup aiming to build the world’s largest database of natural biodiversity. The company uses AI and machine learning to advance bioscience, partnering with nature parks and research institutes across 27 countries.

Basecamp Research has developed a knowledge graph that organizes data and shows relationships between billions of data points. This approach has enabled the company to create deep learning models for applications such as gene editing systems and enzymes for food manufacturing. Their deep learning model, BaseFold, predicts 3D structures of large proteins more accurately than existing models.

Plan Heal: AI-Powered Health Monitoring

Chicago-based Plan Heal offers AI-powered solutions to help patients monitor health metrics. Founded by Tammy McMiller in 2022, the company aims to empower patients and providers by using AI to analyze health data and flag potential issues. The platform integrates with electronic health record systems and helps providers offer proactive care.

Plan Heal’s Smart Health Assessment, powered by Azure, has shown promising early results. Patients using the assessment had more engaging conversations with their providers and received care services they would not have otherwise. McMiller believes that AI can play a valuable role in helping people track their health and identify potentially life-threatening conditions earlier.

Haut.AI: Generative AI for Skin Care

Anastasia Georgievskaya co-founded Haut.AI in 2018 to provide AI-based skin diagnostic tools. The company uses selfies to assess skin metrics and make personalized product recommendations. Their latest product, SkinGPT, uses generative AI to simulate skin changes over time based on product usage.

Haut.AI’s algorithms are trained on a mix of lab data and synthetic data, allowing for accurate assessments across different population groups and environmental conditions. The platform has around 90 clients, including several using the technology for research and development.

Weights & Biases: Tools for AI Developers

Founded in 2017 by Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt, Weights & Biases provides tools to help AI developers manage workflow and build models faster. The company’s platform allows users to track and visualize experiments, store models, and share results with collaborators.

The platform has seen increased demand since the release of ChatGPT, expanding its customer base to over 1,000 clients across various sectors. Weights & Biases is used for applications such as drug discovery, autonomous vehicle development, and health care improvement.

As AI continues to evolve, startups like Basecamp Research, Plan Heal, Haut.AI, and Weights & Biases are leading the way in leveraging technology to solve complex problems across multiple industries.

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