Spider Tanks Introduces Crossbow Weapon in Latest Showcase

Spider Tanks Introduces Crossbow Weapon in Latest Showcase

Gala Games has unveiled the Crossbow, a new weapon for its popular game Spider Tanks, according to Gala News. This addition is part of the ongoing Spider Tanks Showcase series, which highlights various in-game weapons and strategies.

Weapon Overview

The Crossbow is inspired by medieval warfare and has been adapted for modern combat scenarios within the game. Originally conceptualized as a hand weapon in the early 24th century, it has now been revamped for use by tanks in the Planetary Union.

This weapon excels in long-range combat, with damage increasing the longer it is charged. However, charging the Crossbow significantly slows down the player’s movement, making positioning and maneuverability crucial for effective use. The Crossbow’s bolts can pierce through multiple enemies, offering the potential for multi-target damage.

Skewering the Competition

Players using the Crossbow must prioritize positioning. While a heavier tank can provide stability and more opportunities to line up shots, quicker tanks can help players reposition rapidly. The learning curve for the Crossbow is steep, requiring players to master ballistics and timing.

For defense, players might consider abilities like Shield Drone or Reactive Plating to compensate for the Crossbow’s drawbacks in close-range combat. These abilities can offer valuable moments to regroup and plan the next move.

Combatting the Crossbow

Facing a Crossbow in the arena can be challenging due to its extensive range. Players should avoid grouping up, as this can make them easy targets. Instead, spreading out forces the Crossbow to focus on individual targets, reducing its overall impact.

Attacking from diagonal or lateral positions can also help mitigate the Crossbow’s effectiveness. When engaging a Crossbow up close, players should be cautious, as fully charged bolts can still deal significant damage at point-blank range.

Crossbow Tactics

Team coordination is essential when using the Crossbow. The weapon is not suited for 1v1 combat but excels in supporting roles. Players should look for opportunities where enemies are distracted by teammates, allowing for strategic shots.

Controlling zones with the Crossbow can be highly effective, even if it results in fewer kills. By limiting opponents’ movement options, players can provide significant strategic advantages to their team.

Pew Pew Power

The Crossbow is a unique addition to Spider Tanks, offering a blend of historical inspiration and modern gameplay mechanics. While it requires practice to master, it can become a formidable weapon in skilled hands.

Crossbows were discontinued at the end of Generation 1, but you can still find Crossbows available from other Pilots on the official Spider Tanks OpenSea collection or NFT Harbor!

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