SFC and HKMA Release Updated List of Financial Service Providers for OTC Derivatives

SFC and HKMA Release Updated List of Financial Service Providers for OTC Derivatives

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) have announced the completion of their annual updates to the list of recognized financial services providers under the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives regulatory regime, according to

Annual Review and Updates

The annual update process is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the list of financial services providers remains current and accurate. This list is critical for maintaining the integrity and oversight of the OTC derivatives market in Hong Kong, helping to mitigate systemic risks and enhance market transparency.

Importance of Compliance

Financial institutions on this list are required to comply with stringent regulatory standards set forth by both the SFC and HKMA. These standards include robust risk management practices, adequate capital reserves, and transparent reporting mechanisms. The updated list serves as a crucial reference for market participants to identify compliant counterparties for their OTC derivatives transactions.

Market Implications

The updates to the list are expected to have significant implications for the OTC derivatives market in Hong Kong. By ensuring that only compliant and financially robust institutions are recognized, the SFC and HKMA aim to bolster market confidence and stability. Moreover, these updates are in line with international regulatory standards, further aligning Hong Kong’s financial market with global best practices.


The SFC and HKMA’s commitment to updating the list of financial services providers under the OTC derivatives regulatory regime underscores their dedication to maintaining a transparent and stable financial market. These updates are essential for safeguarding the interests of market participants and ensuring the overall health of the financial system.

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