Rudy Giuliani Buys Bad Ties on Amazon: Bankruptcy Filings

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When Rudy Giuliani filed for bankruptcy late last year after getting hit with a whopping penalty for defamation, he was forced to admit some embarrassing things, like the fact that his client Donald Trump owed him $2 million in legal fees and that he did not have enough liquid assets to pay his taxes. Seven months into the process, Giuliani’s bankruptcy filings are still giving us a peek into his weird life of decline.

Late on Tuesday, the former mayor filed several documents in federal bankruptcy court in New York revealing his spending habits for the month of May. And, like many of us who say that we are broke, he sure is buying a lot of stuff off Amazon. In one month, Giuliani spent close to $1,900 at the online-everything store.

At first glance, his choices seem odd — a tripod, charging cables, wireless bud headphones, self-tanning lotion, “anti-shine” makeup powder, big-and-tall T-shirts, and six-packs of cheap polyester ties.

Photo: U.S. Bankruptcy Court

But when you remember Giuliani’s current workload, his buys make a little more sense. Even without network support, this man is a devoted podcaster, so he needs the tripod and assorted gear to keep his show in motion. And after literally melting down in a presser a few years ago, you’d want some anti-shine powder, too. As for the tanning gear and big tees, Giuliani has been traveling to Arizona to answer for the nine felony counts he has been charged with in the effort to subvert the 2020 election, to which he has pleaded not guilty. And the polyester ties? Well, he also has bad taste.

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