ECPubs earns eight awards in 2024 Catholic Media Association Book Awards

Two books win in Ecumenism; One book wins four awards

FAIRFAX, Va. — Three books published by Eastern Christian Publications (ECPubs) were named winners in the 2024 Catholic Media Association (CMA) Book Awards. One title earned four awards and another title earned three. The annual awards honor outstanding work in Catholic media in 65 categories. Eastern Christian Publications is unique among almost 100 publishers who submitted nearly 500 entries because it focuses on topics and authors from the Christian East.  ECPubs won two out of four awards in the Ecumenism category.  2024 is the first year that ECPubs has participated in this award program.

ECPubs Winners in the 2024 CMA Book Awards:

That They May All Be One – full color book of stories and photos of an ecumenical pilgrimage to Constantinople and The Holy Land as told by a 17-year-old pilgrim, Sophia Martin.

            2nd place in Ecumenism
            3rd place in Pilgrimages
            3rd place in Coffee Table Art
            3rd place in Best Book of a Small Publisher

One Mother, One Family: A Scriptural Meditation on the Rosary with Worldwide Sacred Art – full color book of scripture quotes for the rosary by Monica Amparo with art and icons of Mary from around the world and among both Eastern and Western Churches.

            3rd place for Social Inclusion
            Honorable Mention for Prayer Books
            Honorable Mention for Design

Our Ecumenical Friend – a tribute to Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, worldwide author, lecturer, pastor and ecumenist of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Greek Orthodox), by publisher Jack Figel.

            3rd place for Ecumenism

More details about these titles can be found on the Featured Product page of the ECPubs website.

Contact the publisher at [email protected] for more information about bulk order and bookstore discounts.


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