CoreWeave Appoints Former AWS Executive Chetan Kapoor as Chief Product Officer

CoreWeave Appoints Former AWS Executive Chetan Kapoor as Chief Product Officer

CoreWeave, a prominent player in the AI hyperscaler market, has announced the appointment of Chetan Kapoor as its new Chief Product Officer, according to PRNewswire. Kapoor, who previously served as a Director at Amazon Web Services (AWS), will be responsible for spearheading CoreWeave’s product strategy and overseeing its Managed AI services.

Kapoor’s Extensive Experience

Kapoor brings a wealth of experience to CoreWeave, having been a part of AWS’s Compute leadership team where he managed the Hardware Accelerated Compute business. His new role at CoreWeave involves leading a cross-functional team to develop, strategize, and manage the company’s portfolio of AI products and services.

CEO’s Statement

Michael Intrator, CEO and co-founder of CoreWeave, expressed confidence in Kapoor’s capabilities. “With leading AI labs and customers like MistralAI, Replicate, and NovelAI, more and more customers are taking advantage of CoreWeave’s AI Cloud services to build, train, and deploy their GenAI applications. Chetan’s extensive experience and innovative mindset make him the perfect fit to lead our product strategy during this exciting hyper-growth phase,” Intrator stated.

Kapoor’s Vision

Kapoor himself is enthusiastic about joining CoreWeave. “I am incredibly excited to join CoreWeave at such a pivotal moment for both the company and the industry,” he said. “The world is at an incredible inflection point for AI innovation, and CoreWeave has positioned itself at the forefront of this technology revolution, bringing the most advanced and scalable Cloud solutions to the market. I look forward to working with the company’s talented executive team as we continue on this transformative growth path.”

CoreWeave’s Recent Milestones

This announcement follows a series of significant achievements for CoreWeave over the past year. The company delivered record-breaking MLPerf performance by training the GPT-3 LLM in under 11 minutes using over 3,500 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Additionally, CoreWeave has expanded its operations with a $1.3 billion investment in the UK and a $2.2 billion expansion in Europe. The company also secured a $7.5 billion debt financing facility led by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities and a landmark $1.1 billion Series C funding round in May 2024. In August 2023, CoreWeave secured another $2.3 billion debt financing facility.

About CoreWeave

Founded in 2017, CoreWeave has rapidly grown to become a leading AI hyperscaler. The company operates a network of data centers across the United States and Europe, providing cutting-edge cloud solutions to enterprises and AI labs. CoreWeave was recently named one of TIME100’s most influential companies of 2024.

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