Binance Implements Stricter Measures to Combat Account Misuse and Enhance Compliance

Binance Implements Stricter Measures to Combat Account Misuse and Enhance Compliance

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced a series of stringent measures to address the misuse of account features on its platform. This move is part of Binance’s ongoing commitment to uphold compliance and maintain market integrity, according to Binance.

Stricter Measures to Address Account Misuse

The platform identified several instances where account features were being exploited to gain unfair advantages, including better fee rates and higher API limits. Binance offers various account types such as sub-accounts, managed sub-accounts, and fund manager accounts, which serve multiple legitimate purposes. However, these features have also been misused by bad actors attempting to circumvent controls and access or sell access to enhanced account benefits.

Binance considers any behavior involving unauthorized access to other users’ accounts a severe breach of its Terms of Use and KYC/KYB policy. Such actions undermine the fairness and efficiency users expect from reputable platforms. To combat this, Binance has enhanced its monitoring of all account usage and related activities. The exchange will investigate all potential or suspected incidents of misuse and may suspend or terminate the relevant accounts if necessary.

Reward for Reporting Misuse

In addition to technological enhancements, Binance is establishing a channel for users to report any account misuse incidents they encounter, such as unauthorized selling of access to accounts. Individuals who observe or suspect misuse are encouraged to report it to Binance. The exchange will provide a reward for any verified case of account misuse, with the reward amount determined on a case-by-case basis. Reports can be submitted via email to

Binance’s commitment to maintaining a compliant, fair, and efficient platform for all users is evident through these measures. The exchange aims to foster a healthy and sustainable market environment that prioritizes the interests of all users.

This announcement reflects Binance’s dedication to leading the industry in compliance standards and ensuring a level playing field for all participants. By taking these steps, Binance aims to reinforce confidence in its platform and the broader digital assets market.

For more information, please visit the official Binance announcement.

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