Uniswap (UNI) Expands to Zora Network, Offering Enhanced User Experience

Uniswap (UNI) Expands to Zora Network, Offering Enhanced User Experience

Uniswap (UNI) users can now access the Zora Network for swapping and providing liquidity, according to a recent announcement by Uniswap Protocol. The integration is available on both the Uniswap interface and the latest version of the Uniswap mobile app.

Lower Gas Fees and Faster Swaps

Zora Network, an L2 solution built on the open-source OP Stack, is part of the Superchain. Designed to facilitate the on-chain storage of media, Zora Network offers users lower gas costs and faster transaction speeds compared to the Ethereum mainnet. These improvements are expected to enhance the overall user experience for both swappers and liquidity providers (LPs).

How to Access Zora Network on Uniswap

To utilize Uniswap on Zora Network, users need to navigate to, select the network button, and choose Zora Network. The support for Zora Network is also live on the Uniswap mobile app, allowing for on-the-go swaps.

Providing Liquidity on Zora Network

Users can provide liquidity on Zora Network through the Uniswap interface on both Uniswap v2 and Uniswap v3. By visiting and selecting ‘New Position’, users can choose their preferred token pairs for liquidity provision.

Support for Zora Network NFTs

In addition to swapping and liquidity provision, Uniswap has rolled out support for Zora Network NFTs within the Uniswap mobile app. This feature allows users to view their NFTs across multiple networks, including Zora Network, Base, and Optimism.

Partnership with Layer3

Uniswap is partnering with Layer3 to offer a Quest for swappers and LPs on Zora Network. Participants can earn CUBEs and XP while engaging in activities on the Zora Network using the Uniswap interface. More details about the Quest can be found on the Layer3 website.

Commemorative Mint

To celebrate the launch, Uniswap Labs is hosting a commemorative mint on Zora Network. Interested users can participate in the minting process here.

For more detailed information, visit the official announcement on the Uniswap blog.

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