Oracle Cloud Enhances Hotel Operations and Guest Experiences

Oracle Cloud Enhances Hotel Operations and Guest Experiences

Hotels, resorts, and casinos worldwide are increasingly adopting the Oracle OPERA Cloud hospitality platform to enhance automation, efficiency, and data intelligence across their properties, according to Over the past fiscal year, Oracle has observed a more than 100% increase in properties utilizing OPERA Cloud, with 1,500 implementations in the fourth quarter alone.

Significant Growth and Adoption

Prominent hotel brands such as Choice Hotels, EOS Hospitality, ONYX Hospitality Group, Scandic Hotels Group, Thon Hotels, and VAI Resort have either selected or expanded their use of OPERA Cloud in the past year. This surge in adoption underscores the platform’s value in helping hotels streamline operations and elevate guest satisfaction.

OPERA Cloud Platform Highlights

The Oracle OPERA Cloud platform offers various features designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry:

  • Oracle OPERA Cloud Central: This module allows brands to integrate data and functionality across OPERA Cloud’s various components under a unified interface, aiding in faster and more informed decision-making at both corporate and property levels.
  • Nor1 Upselling and Merchandising Solutions: Generating nearly $200 million in incremental revenue for the global hotel industry in the past fiscal year, Nor1 solutions offer pre-arrival and at-arrival upsell opportunities based on guest preferences.
  • Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP): Featuring over 1,000 partners and more than 500 active integrations, OHIP supports automation, efficiency, and sustainability efforts in the hospitality sector.

Industry Impact and Future Prospects

Laura Calin, Senior Vice President of Oracle Hospitality, emphasized the importance of technology in the hospitality sector, especially as travel levels continue to rise. “Our comprehensive platform enables hoteliers of all sizes to add the capabilities they need to meet their unique business objectives while elevating guest satisfaction,” she stated.

With the increasing reliance on technology to improve operational efficiency and guest experiences, Oracle’s OPERA Cloud platform is poised to play a crucial role in the future of the hospitality industry. The platform’s ability to integrate various functions and provide a holistic view of hotel operations ensures that it remains a preferred choice for many leading hotel brands.

To see the OPERA Cloud platform in action, visit the HITEC booth #2840 from June 24-26.

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