Immutable (IMX) and MARBLEX Forge Alliance to Enhance AAA Web3 Gaming

Immutable (IMX) and MARBLEX Forge Alliance to Enhance AAA Web3 Gaming

Immutable (IMX) has announced a strategic partnership with MARBLEX to integrate AAA games into its Immutable zkEVM platform, according to This collaboration aims to revolutionize Web3 gaming by merging traditional gaming experiences with blockchain technology.

MARBLEX Games Transitioning to Immutable zkEVM

Based in South Korea, MARBLEX is renowned for its significant gaming community, with over two-thirds of the population engaged in gaming. As part of this partnership, MARBLEX’s core gaming apps and tokens will be hosted on Immutable zkEVM, joining over 330 titles already on the platform.

Popular Netmarble titles such as Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, A3: Still Alive, and Meta World: My City will migrate to Immutable zkEVM. These games are expected to leverage the blockchain’s capabilities to enhance user experiences by providing ownership and potential monetization of in-game assets.

Hong Jin Pyo, CEO of MARBLEX, stated, “We’re committed to building exciting Web3 gaming experiences for players. Partnering with Immutable and their industry-leading zkEVM chain was crucial to maximize the reach and scalability of our games.”

Boosting Game Development with the Ecosystem Boost Program

Immutable and MARBLEX are also launching a joint $20 million “Ecosystem Boost Program” aimed at providing developers with the necessary tools and funds to accelerate game development. This initiative will help developers navigate the complexities of Web3 infrastructure, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker market entry.

Key tools offered include Immutable Passport, a non-custodial wallet for players, and the Immutable Global Orderbook, which enhances asset exposure and liquidity across leading marketplaces.

Robbie Ferguson, founder of Immutable, commented, “This partnership is one of the most significant we’ve made to date. South Korea is a major market in Web3 gaming, and MARBLEX are pioneers. We’re thrilled to support their goal of scaling to tens of millions of players on Immutable.”

Immutable’s Expanding AAA Partnerships

This collaboration with MARBLEX follows Immutable’s earlier partnership with Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, signaling a growing trend of high-profile alliances aimed at advancing Web3 gaming.

The gaming community can look forward to a new era of enhanced gaming experiences, driven by the integration of blockchain technology and innovative partnerships.

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