GalaSwap Introduces Swap Bot and Enhances User Experience

GalaSwap Introduces Swap Bot and Enhances User Experience

GalaSwap, the decentralized exchange on the GalaChain, has announced a series of updates aimed at enhancing its functionality and user experience, according to Gala News. These updates include the introduction of an open-source swap bot named Mr. Swappy, several quality of life improvements, and various bug fixes.

GalaSwap Automation

The highlight of the recent updates is the introduction of Mr. Swappy, an open-source swap bot that can be fully customized to meet individual needs. The bot comes with two basic strategies: Swap Acceptor, which identifies and accepts swaps offered at better-than-market rates, and Swap Creator, which creates liquidity by automatically generating swaps at a specified rate. Users can add new strategies using TypeScript and debug them with an included mode.

The bot is designed to be a powerful tool for advanced users, but Gala News advises caution for those without experience in altering software or code. Detailed documentation is available in the GitHub repository to help users configure and operate Mr. Swappy.

Quality of Life Improvements

In addition to the swap bot, GalaSwap has introduced several quality of life updates:

  • A basic search function on the balance page to easily find specific tokens.
  • A “Max” button for listing the maximum amount of a token in a swap offer.
  • Mr. Swappy now supports user-created tokens.
  • Updated token name blocklist to be less restrictive.

Pest Control

Bug fixes have also been a focus in the latest update:

  • Users can now see all their active offers regardless of quantity.
  • Mint allowances are now visible even with a zero token balance.

Miscellaneous Updates

Additional improvements include:

  • Token authority added to Gala on the REPS token.
  • Mr. Swappy’s code has been moved to its own directory on the GalaChain GitHub page.
  • Increment limits for creating swaps have been set to 1.

Future Enhancements

GalaSwap is also working on future updates, such as group distribution through the Project Token Creator and enhanced search capabilities for creating and searching for swaps. These improvements aim to further streamline the user experience and expand the utility of the platform.

The GalaSwap team remains committed to refining the platform and unlocking the full decentralized potential of GalaChain. Users can stay updated on new features and improvements by visiting the GalaSwap website.

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