Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Opens Applications for Fifth Cohort

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Opens Applications for Fifth Cohort

The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) has officially opened applications for its fifth cohort, according to The fellowship program aims to provide a structured pathway for aspiring protocol contributors to make meaningful advancements in Ethereum’s technology.

Program Overview

The EPF is designed to assemble a diverse group of individuals who will work on various aspects of Ethereum’s development. Participants will engage in activities such as client implementation development, testing, specification drafting, and core protocol research. The program also offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other talented individuals and engage with current Ethereum core developers.

Program Details

Applications for the fifth cohort are open until May 26, 2024. The cohort will run from June through November 2024, featuring two in-person events: one at EthCC in Brussels and another at Devcon in Southeast Asia. Participants will receive mentorship from members of the core development community, and select participants will be provided with a monthly stipend to support their focus on the program.

For more comprehensive details, prospective applicants can review the program guide available in the EPF5 repo.

New Features in EPF5

The fifth cohort introduces several new features:

  • Extended timeline from four to five months
  • Two in-person events (EthCC and Devcon)
  • New resources from the EPF study group and

The EPF program is permissionless, meaning anyone can participate with the same access and support as the selected fellows. A portion of the stipend budget is also allocated to rewarding active permissionless participants.

Past Contributions and Future Prospects

The fellowship program has previously hosted outstanding fellows who have made significant contributions to Ethereum. To gain insights into the types of projects that have been undertaken, interested individuals can explore the work of past fellows from previous cohorts on the third and fourth cohort GitHub repositories.

Applications for the fifth cohort are currently open and will remain so until May 26, 2024. On May 21 at 4:00 PM UTC, the EPF team will hold a town hall to discuss the program and answer any questions. The town hall can be accessed on YouTube.

Whether you are a seasoned developer, a promising computer science student, or a researcher with an interest in cryptography and economics, the EPF encourages you to apply.

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