Don Diablo and R3HAB unite for first time on ‘Disco Marathon’

Don Diablo and R3HAB unite for first time on  ‘Disco Marathon’R3hab Don Diablo Neeka

Electronic music powerhouses Don Diablo and R3HAB have joined forces for the first time after a decade cross paths on their new summer hit “Disco Marathon,” featuring British duo NEEKA. This collaboration merges Don Diablo’s innovative production with R3HAB’s dynamic energy, resulting in a track that’s set to dominate the season.

“Disco Marathon” is a technicolor explosion of sound, blending Don’s innovative production techniques with R3HAB’s dynamic style. The end result is a track that feels both familiar and refreshingly new, a perfect encapsulation of a summer of carefree hedonism. Uplifting piano melodies dance atop commanding beats, creating a sonic landscape that’s impossible to resist. NEEKA’s captivating vocals add another layer of depth to the track infusing “Disco Marathon” with an infectious energy that complements both producers’ instrumental backbone. The London-based duo, known for their writing credits with artists like Drake, Michael Jackson, and Avicii, prove to be the ideal collaborators for this crossover hit.

The single arrives at a time when both producers are riding high on a wave of successful releases. R3HAB has been stacking collaborations with artists like Jason Derulo and Sam Feldt, while Don Diablo recently teamed up with Major Lazer and Felix Jaehn. With “Disco Marathon,” Don Diablo, R3HAB, and NEEKA have created a track that transcends the typical summer hit. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and most importantly, an undeniable banger — a rare breed of dance track that manages to feel both nostalgic and forward-thinking; an homage to disco’s golden age firmly planted in mainstream EDM sensibilities.


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