Binance to Delist Multiple Spot Trading Pairs Including SHIB/TUSD and LINK/TUSD

Binance to Delist Multiple Spot Trading Pairs Including SHIB/TUSD and LINK/TUSD

In a recent announcement, Binance revealed its decision to delist several spot trading pairs as part of its periodic review process aimed at maintaining a high-quality trading market. According to Binance, the delisting is a result of multiple factors, including poor liquidity and trading volume.

Details of the Delisting

Effective from 2024-06-28 03:00 (UTC), the following spot trading pairs will be removed and trading will cease:


Impact on Spot Trading Bots

Binance will also terminate Spot Trading Bots services for the listed pairs at the same time. Users are strongly advised to update or cancel their Spot Trading Bots before the cessation to prevent any potential losses.

Potential Discrepancies in Information

Binance noted that there might be discrepancies in the translated versions of this announcement. Users should refer to the original English version for the most accurate information.

Further Information

For more details, users can refer to the official announcement on Binance’s website. Source

Binance reserves the right to amend or cancel this announcement at any time without prior notice. Additionally, from 2024-06-30, unauthorized stablecoins will be subject to certain restrictions for EEA users in compliance with MiCA requirements.

Users are reminded that digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. Investments may go down or up, and users might not get back the amount invested. It is crucial to understand the risks and consult an independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions. For more information, refer to Binance’s Terms of Use and Risk Warning.

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