Anthropic Introduces Project Management Features for Claude AI Users

Anthropic Introduces Project Management Features for Claude AI Users

Anthropic has unveiled new project management features for its Pro and Team users, aiming to enhance collaboration and workflow optimization within organizations, according to

Enhanced Collaboration with Projects

The newly introduced Projects feature allows users to organize their chats into curated sets of knowledge and activities. This functionality aims to enhance idea generation, strategic decision-making, and overall productivity. Projects are available for all Pro and Team customers and can be powered by Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic’s latest AI release, which is known for its superior performance on various benchmarks.

Each project includes a 200K context window, equivalent to a 500-page book, enabling users to add relevant documents, code, and insights to maximize Claude’s effectiveness.

Tackling the Cold Start Problem

Projects enable users to ground Claude’s outputs in internal knowledge such as style guides, codebases, interview transcripts, or past work. This context allows Claude to provide expert assistance across various tasks, from writing emails to generating SQL queries. Custom instructions can also be defined for each project to tailor Claude’s responses further, making it possible to instruct Claude to use a specific tone or answer from a particular industry perspective.

Innovative Artifacts Feature

The Artifacts feature enhances collaboration by allowing users to generate and edit content like code snippets, text documents, graphics, diagrams, or website designs. These artifacts appear in a dedicated window alongside the conversation, making it easier for developers to review and preview code in real-time. Users can join the feature preview for Artifacts via the account menu on the left-side panel of

Inspiring Team Collaboration

Claude Team users can share snapshots of their best conversations in the team’s shared project activity feed, fostering inspiration and skill enhancement across the team. This approach is particularly beneficial for product development and research, where pooling organizational knowledge can lead to higher-quality outputs.

Customer Spotlight: North Highland

North Highland, a leading consultancy, has been leveraging Claude to streamline its operations. According to Luka Anic, Senior Director of Technical AI Program and Product Manager at North Highland, the Claude Team plan has significantly accelerated content creation and analysis tasks, making the team up to five times more efficient.

The Claude Team plan is transforming our way of working at North Highland. Claude is a truly exceptional writer that has helped our team complete content creation and analysis tasks up to 5x faster than before—turning what was once two weeks of writing and research into minutes of work. With Claude, we’re future-proofing our workforce, finding more excitement in daily challenges, and leaping into the future of AI-assisted collaboration and creativity.

— Luka Anic, Senior Director of Technical AI Program and Product Manager at North Highland

Future Enhancements

Anthropic plans to continue enhancing Claude’s usability and expanding the types of project knowledge users can integrate via native integrations with popular applications and tools. The company is committed to user privacy, ensuring that any data shared within Projects will not be used to train generative models without explicit user consent.

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