Oracle Launches AI-Powered Clinical Digital Assistant for US Ambulatory Clinics

Oracle Launches AI-Powered Clinical Digital Assistant for US Ambulatory Clinics

Oracle’s New AI-Powered Solution for Ambulatory Clinics

Oracle has announced the general availability of its Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, a cutting-edge solution designed for ambulatory clinics in the US. The new offering integrates generative AI, clinical intelligence, multimodal voice, and screen-driven assistance to streamline workflows and reduce electronic health record (EHR) clicks, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

Transformative Features and Benefits

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is integrated with the Oracle Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, combining clinical automation, conversation-based note generation, and clinical follow-up proposals directly at the point of care. This innovation eliminates the need for providers to navigate through complex interfaces during patient appointments. Instead, healthcare professionals can access crucial patient information, such as recent blood test results, through voice commands.

During appointments, the assistant captures comprehensive notes using the provider’s preferred templates in the patient’s EHR record, significantly saving time. Unlike other solutions, Oracle’s assistant generates notes in minutes rather than hours and supports next-step actions, including drafting referrals, prescription orders, and scheduling follow-up labs and appointments. This enhances the accuracy of medical records and workflow efficiency.

Real-World Impact

Early adopters of the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, including Billings Clinic, Covenant Health, Hudson Physicians, St. John’s Health, and T.J. Regional Health, have reported substantial time savings. Physicians at these organizations have saved an average of more than four and a half minutes per patient and 20-40% in daily documentation time.

Dr. James Little, a primary care physician at St. John’s Health, stated, “Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is the most important EHR technology update that I am going to see in my career. Since the 1990s, EHRs have turned physicians into keyboard junkies. This will change that.”

Dr. Ryan McFarland, a family medicine practitioner at Hudson Physicians, added, “Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant has been a game-changer. I can simply talk to and focus on my patients, while in the background, the system captures all the details, notes, and next-step actions. This leads to a better experience for me and my patients and has significantly diminished the time I take post-appointments or after-hours updating notes.”

Addressing Physician Burnout

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant aims to tackle the issue of physician burnout by automating documentation processes and synchronizing them back to the patient’s medical record without copying and pasting. Providers review, modify, and approve the notes and next steps on their computer or mobile device, ensuring oversight and control.

Seema Verma, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Health and Life Sciences, commented, “Practitioners spend upwards of 20-35% of their time on administrative work. This isn’t sustainable and contributes to burnout. We need our providers focused on patient needs. Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant’s groundbreaking AI technology solves this problem and brings the joy back to the practice of medicine and healthcare.”

Positive Feedback from Practitioners

Dr. Alicia Brooks, Medical Director at Fort Loudoun Primary Care, Covenant Health, shared, “What I appreciate most about Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is the ability to regain eye contact and calmly pay attention to what the patient is really telling me. This is much more satisfying to me and the patient.”

Patricia Doolin, APRN at T.J. Regional Health, noted, “Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is saving me a lot of time, up to 10-12 minutes per patient. The notes are more accurate, I get to see more patients, and I get more sleep at night!”

Dr. Marjorie Albers, MD at Billings Clinic, added, “I love Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant! It’s so cool and so smart. It’s letting me see more patients, and I’m getting out an hour earlier. I only spend a minute or two editing the note.”

For additional details, visit Oracle.

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