OKX Launches ZETA Airdrop Campaign with 10,000 ZETA Prize Pool

OKX Launches ZETA Airdrop Campaign with 10,000 ZETA Prize Pool

OKX has announced an exclusive airdrop campaign for ZETA On-chain Earn users, set to commence on June 25, 2024, at 6:00 am UTC. The campaign offers participants a chance to win rewards from a 10,000 ZETA prize pool, according to OKX.

Eligibility and Participation

To be eligible for the airdrop, users must participate through their main account. Sub-accounts are not permitted to join the campaign. Additionally, participants must agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined by OKX.

Eligibility is also subject to local laws and regulations. Certain countries and regions may be excluded from participation as specified in clause 2.2 of OKX’s Terms of Use.

Campaign Rules and Reward Distribution

OKX has laid out specific rules for the campaign, including methods for calculating rewards and the distribution schedule. The campaign will closely monitor participants’ behavior to prevent cheating or abnormal activities, such as creating multiple accounts or engaging in wash trades.

Rewards will be distributed according to the rules set by OKX, and the value of the prizes may fluctuate due to market volatility. OKX will not be responsible for any changes in prize value caused by such fluctuations.

Risk Warning

OKX emphasizes that digital asset prices are highly volatile and subject to market risks. Participants should be aware that their investments could lose value, and they should only invest in products they fully understand. It is recommended that participants consult with an independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

The campaign does not constitute investment advice, and OKX is not liable for any losses incurred. For more information, users are advised to refer to the OKX Terms of Use and Risk Warning.

Compliance and Final Interpretation

OKX reserves the right to amend the campaign rules at any time without prior notice. This includes canceling, extending, or terminating the campaign, as well as modifying eligibility conditions and reward rules. OKX also retains the right of final interpretation of the campaign terms.

OKX has reiterated its commitment to compliance with local regulations and asks participants to adhere to the relevant laws in their respective countries or regions.

For further details on the campaign, interested users can visit the official OKX website.

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