Gala: Kimchi Craze Hits Common Ground World with New Exciting Updates

Gala: Kimchi Craze Hits Common Ground World with New Exciting Updates

Common Ground World players are in for a treat as the popular game adds a new twist with the introduction of Kimchi Craze. Starting tomorrow, players can sell tangy, mouthwatering Kimchi crafted from fresh Lettuce and a Shrimp-based Fish Sauce at the newly added Korean Restaurant, according to Gala News.

New Crafts and Rewards

Players can look forward to new crafts, including Kimchi and Fish Sauce. Kimchi, which can be made from ingredients like Lettuce, Fish Sauce, Sugar, Rice Vinegar, and Seaweed, will be crafted in the Korean Restaurant and stored in the Storehouse. The craft time for Kimchi is set at 120 seconds, and it will provide players with $22,460 in cash and 50K Stars, a significant increase for this week’s event.

Fish Sauce, another essential ingredient for crafting Kimchi, can be made in the Sauce Facility using Water, Salt, and Shrimp. This craft has a time of 360 seconds and yields $21,000 in cash and 174 Stars.

As always, players who land on the leaderboard in the Kimchi Craze event will receive standard $GALA rewards based on their final rank, enhancing the competitive spirit of the game.

Upcoming July Events

The developers have also provided a sneak peek into the event schedule for July 2024. Players can look forward to the Starlight Market Box event from July 2-5, featuring Apple Pie and more. The Chocolate Ice Cream event will follow from July 9-12, and a new cake event is slated for July 16-19.

Game Tips and Reminders

To ensure optimal gameplay, players are reminded to log back in before events end if they are using offline mode and to regularly check in if using Fast Forward. Additionally, it is recommended to keep the game running as the only tab in the browser and to relaunch the game if another window fully covers the browser while playing.

Join a Guild

Guilds are now live in Common Ground World, offering players a chance to enhance their gaming experience through cooperative strategy and new levels of competition. Every Common Ground World Node represents a Guild, and players can join by asking an operator friend or finding recruitment posts in the Guilds Discord channel.

Community Feedback

The developers are actively seeking feedback on the lite paper released a few weeks ago. Players are encouraged to share their insights to help improve the game.

Watch the Recent Town Hall

Players are also invited to catch up on the latest updates and discussions from the recent biweekly Town Hall by watching the YouTube replay. This will keep them informed about all the exciting developments in the Gala ecosystem.

The Kimchi Craze event and the upcoming July events promise to add more excitement and challenges for players in Common Ground World. Stay tuned and happy crafting!

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