Thon Hotels Adopts Oracle Cloud for Enhanced Operations and Growth

Thon Hotels Adopts Oracle Cloud for Enhanced Operations and Growth

Thon Hotels, one of Norway’s largest hotel chains, has successfully migrated its entire portfolio to the Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud platform, according to This strategic move aims to streamline global operations and enhance guest services.

Unified Technology Solutions

By adopting OPERA Cloud Property Management (PMS), Sales and Events Management, and OPERA Cloud Central, Thon Hotels now leverages a unified suite of technology solutions. These tools are designed to support the chain’s strategic growth, improve the management of its guest loyalty program, and enable mobile-enabled on-site services. Additionally, the platform facilitates direct distribution through Thon’s online booking engine and contact center operations.

Seamless Migration

The transition to OPERA Cloud was executed in a single day, covering 96 properties. This rapid migration was achieved through close collaboration with Oracle. The unified profile of guests and operations now allows Thon to make more informed business decisions at both corporate and individual property levels. Staff members are empowered with real-time data, ensuring consistent and personalized guest experiences across all properties.

“Moving to the cloud has helped us optimize operations both on and above our properties,” stated Morten Thorvaldsen, CEO of Thon Hotels. “We saw the value in migrating all properties under 24 hours, and Oracle went above and beyond to ensure this migration was seamless. This enabled our staff to maintain smooth operations and deliver the high level of service our guests expect.”

Operational Efficiency

The OPERA Cloud platform has significantly reduced check-in and check-out times by providing staff with access to room occupancy information, future reservations, and other critical data in one centralized location. The platform’s mobile-friendly nature allows staff to make real-time decisions, benefiting guests anywhere on the property, not just at the front desk.

“As Thon Hotels continues to expand, they require a modern, cloud-based hospitality platform with the tools and information necessary to evolve with their business and guest expectations,” commented Alex Alt, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Hospitality and Retail. “Thon took a thoughtful approach to change management, essential for the project’s success and the swift migration of so many hotels. With our comprehensive, unified hospitality cloud platform, Thon is now well-equipped to provide hands-on guest services throughout their properties, further enhancing their reputation.”

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