Gala Games Announces Discounts on Minting Scrolls and Kate Nova Rewards

Gala Games Announces Discounts on Minting Scrolls and Kate Nova Rewards

Gala Games is set to enhance the gaming experience for players of Champions Arena with the introduction of discounted Scrolls of Minting and a special reward window featuring Kate Nova, according to Gala News.

Scroll of Minting Sale

From June 20th at 7pm PT to July 17th at 7pm PT, players will have the opportunity to purchase Scrolls of Minting for $39.99. These scrolls, which enable players to mint their Champions as NFTs, were previously only available in pre-packaged shop bundles for mobile users. The sale will now extend these scrolls to Gala Games platform players at a discounted price.

Kate Nova Reward

In addition to the minting sale, Gala Games is offering a limited-time reward program for purchases made between June 21st at midnight PT and June 27th at 11:59pm PT. Rewards will be based on the cumulative total spent in the Gala Store or mobile shop. The tiers are as follows:

  • $100-$249.99 – Epic Champion Box
  • $250-$499.99 – Kate Nova (Non-NFT Champion) + Legendary Equipment Box
  • $500+ – Kate Nova (Non-NFT Champion) + Legendary Champion Box + Legendary Equipment Box

The Arena Calls

Champions Arena continues to evolve with more competition, new Champions, bigger battles, and better rewards. These latest events ensure players can gear up and prepare for the challenges ahead. The Scrolls of Minting sale and the Kate Nova reward window offer players an excellent opportunity to enhance their gaming experience.

Players are encouraged to take advantage of these offers starting June 20th in the Gala Store or through mobile in-app purchases.

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