BitMEX Lists ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT with 10x Leverage

BitMEX Lists ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT with 10x Leverage

BitMEX, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced the listing of two new perpetual swaps: ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT. These new listings will allow traders to leverage their positions up to 10x, according to the BitMEX Blog.

Details of the New Listings

The ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT perpetual swaps are both Tether (USDT) margined contracts. Trading for these contracts commenced at 04:00 UTC on June 21, 2024. This move expands BitMEX’s offering, providing traders with more options to hedge their positions or speculate on market movements.

Trading Specifications

Both ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT contracts offer up to 10x leverage, allowing traders to amplify their positions significantly. This high leverage can lead to substantial profits, but it also increases the risk of significant losses.

Interested traders can start trading ZROUSDT here and view the contract specifications here. Similarly, TREMPUSDT can be traded here, with contract details available here.

Market Impact

The introduction of ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT perpetual swaps is likely to attract significant interest from traders looking to leverage their positions in the cryptocurrency market. With the ability to trade on margin, these products provide an opportunity for traders to increase their exposure to price movements without needing to hold a large amount of USDT.

BitMEX’s decision to list these new contracts reflects the growing demand for diversified trading instruments in the crypto market. As traders seek more sophisticated tools to manage their portfolios, exchanges like BitMEX are responding with innovative products that cater to these needs.


BitMEX continues to expand its range of trading instruments with the addition of ZROUSDT and TREMPUSDT perpetual swaps. Offering up to 10x leverage, these new listings provide traders with additional options to enhance their trading strategies. As always, traders are advised to exercise caution and manage their risk appropriately when trading leveraged products.

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