Netanyahu Accuses Ben Gvir of Leaking State Secrets; Otzma Leader Demands Polygraph Tests

A political firestorm erupted in Israel’s government as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir of leaking sensitive state secrets. Netanyahu’s allegations have intensified internal tensions within the ruling coalition, prompting a strong response from Ben Gvir, who leads the far-right Otzma Yehudit party.

In a defiant counter-move, Ben Gvir demanded that both he and Netanyahu undergo polygraph tests to verify the truth behind the accusations. He insisted on his innocence and accused Netanyahu of attempting to undermine his credibility for political gain. This development comes amid a backdrop of growing distrust and factionalism within the coalition, highlighting the fragile nature of Israel’s current political landscape.

The Accusation

Netanyahu’s allegations stem from a recent incident involving the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. While specific details of the leak remain undisclosed, the Prime Minister’s office has suggested that the leaked information pertained to national security matters. Netanyahu has expressed grave concern over the potential implications of such leaks on Israel’s security apparatus and its international standing.

Ben Gvir’s Retort

Ben Gvir, known for his hardline stance and controversial rhetoric, swiftly denied the allegations. In a public statement, he accused Netanyahu of fabricating the charges to weaken his political influence. Ben Gvir’s demand for polygraph tests is seen as a bold attempt to challenge Netanyahu’s credibility and prove his own innocence.

“We cannot allow baseless accusations to tarnish our integrity and the trust of the people,” Ben Gvir stated. “I am ready to take a polygraph test and challenge Netanyahu to do the same. The truth must prevail.”

Political Implications

The feud between Netanyahu and Ben Gvir has significant implications for the stability of the current government. The coalition, already marked by ideological differences and power struggles, faces increased pressure as internal conflicts come to the fore. This rift could potentially lead to further fragmentation within the coalition, making it increasingly difficult for Netanyahu to govern effectively.

Political analysts suggest that Netanyahu’s move against Ben Gvir may be a strategic attempt to consolidate power and address growing dissent within his ranks. However, this approach risks alienating key coalition partners and undermining the government’s unity.

Reactions from the Political Spectrum

Reactions to the unfolding drama have been mixed. Supporters of Netanyahu argue that addressing leaks and maintaining security is paramount, while critics accuse him of using the issue as a political weapon against his rivals. Ben Gvir’s supporters view the accusations as an attack on the nationalist agenda and have rallied behind their leader’s call for transparency through polygraph tests.

Opposition leaders have seized on the controversy to criticize the government’s dysfunction and lack of cohesion. Yair Lapid, leader of the opposition, called for a thorough investigation into the allegations and urged both leaders to prioritize the nation’s interests over political infighting.


As the political clash between Netanyahu and Ben Gvir unfolds, the stability of Israel’s ruling coalition hangs in the balance. The outcome of this dispute could have far-reaching consequences for the government’s ability to address key issues and maintain public trust. With both leaders digging in their heels, the coming days are likely to see intensified political maneuvering and heightened scrutiny from both the public and the media.

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