IDF DEEPENS Rafah Operation; Rumors of Israeli NUCLEAR Arsenal Circulate

  • The IDF has isolated Rafah, taking control of key areas and reducing Hamas forces significantly, with 70% of Rafah and surrounding areas now under IDF control.
  • The IDF's strategic deception led Hamas to misallocate its forces, enabling the IDF to secure critical positions and minimize casualties.
  • The operation has resulted in the discovery and destruction of numerous tunnels and rocket launch sites, eliminating at least 550 terrorists.
  • Coordination with Egypt has been crucial, preventing smuggling and the escape of Hamas terrorists through the Egyptian border.
  • There are rumors of Israel possessing between 90 and 300 nuclear warheads, with delivery systems including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and submarines, though the Israeli government maintains a policy of ambiguity on this matter.

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