Gala Games Hosts Live Town Hall and Launches New NFT Releases

Gala Games Hosts Live Town Hall and Launches New NFT Releases

Gala Games is set to host a live Town Hall for its popular farm simulation game, Common Ground World (CGW), today at 8 AM PT. According to Gala News, the event will be streamed live on the Gala Games YouTube channel, where community members can tune in for the latest updates, engage in live chats, and participate in an AMA session.

Event Highlights

The Town Hall, which occurs every two weeks, provides a platform for players and team members to interact and discuss the latest developments in CGW, formerly known as Town Star. Participants can expect real-time updates from the development team, opportunities for community interaction, and an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session where questions can be submitted through an official form.

New NFT Releases

One of the key highlights of today’s Town Hall is the announcement of new NFTs for CGW. These unique items are designed to enhance the gameplay experience and offer new opportunities for virtual farm management. The new NFT releases include:

  • Small Seaweed Farm (Rare): Available today at 11 AM PT
  • Wishing Well (Rare): Available tomorrow at 11 AM PT

In addition to the new NFT releases, Gala Games is upgrading and offering special discounts on some of their older NFTs. These upgrades come with significant price reductions and will be available for 48 hours starting today at 11 AM PT.

Upgraded NFTs

The upgraded NFTs include:

These upgrades are expected to enhance the gaming experience by providing more value and utility to the players.

Community Engagement

Gala Games emphasizes the importance of keeping their community informed and engaged. Whether joining the live event or catching the replay, players are encouraged to stay connected and take advantage of the latest updates and exclusive NFT releases.

For more details, visit the official Gala Games news page.

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