Dreaming Into Knowing

The Way of The Innernaut
Sophia Unity Foundation, Inc.
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Sophia Unity Foundation announces the publication of Dreaming Into Knowing: The Way of the Innernaut by Balboa Press. The workbook presents 12 Dreams of a person known only as the Innernaut™.

For the past 20 years, in meditation, and then in sleep dreams, the Innernaut™ has been letting go of his personal self to open to a parallel inner world of light and frequency, then translating these messages into language we can understand and recording them to share the information about what a human being is when not fixated on the reflective world we know as daily life.

Although the same message has been offered for thousands of years in multiple cultures, modern communications speak to a human evolutionary moment when old archetypes, the archaic language of human scriptures, can be dispensed with. The description of what it means to be born in God’s image that has been veiled, can now be made clear. though the gateway of your own subconscious images, a self-revelatory world you access every night. Like the astronauts explore outer space, you can explore your inner space.–where we all meet.

Join the Innernaut™ Community. Discover “Dreaming into Knowing: The way of the Innernaut™” wherever you find your books, in hardback, softback, and ebook, with accompanying Dream Journals and Contemplation Cards.

From the book — “I find that dreaming into knowing is extremely important today because of the breakdown in the outer, physical world. The events in the outer world make sense in the dream world because they point to how things are shifting, awakening, and transitioning. Yes, you can have a certain direness on the outside, which can be literal and true. But we are something so much more than this. And if we can read between the lines of the direness in the outer, what is perceived is incredible.” 

164 pages with illustrations. Hard Cover, Soft Cover, and eBook from Balboa Press.
Audio Recording available.

Accompanied by Dream journals and Contemplation Cards,
The Innernaut™ Podcast and You Tube Channel

Sophia Unity Foundation, P.O. Box 1094, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901
Email: [email protected]


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