OKX Introduces CHZ to On-chain Earn Program

OKX Introduces CHZ to On-chain Earn Program

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the inclusion of Chiliz (CHZ) in its On-chain Earn program. Starting from 13:00 UTC on June 20, 2024, users will be able to subscribe to CHZ on the platform’s On-chain Earn service, allowing them to earn on-chain rewards effortlessly, according to OKX.

How to Stake CHZ

To participate in staking CHZ on On-chain Earn, users can follow these simple steps:

On a Browser: Navigate to the Grow section, select Earn, and then click on On-chain Earn. Search for CHZ and select subscribe.

On the OKX App: Go to the Grow section, tap on Earn, then choose On-chain Earn. Search for CHZ and select subscribe.

Important Considerations

OKX has provided several disclaimers regarding its On-chain Earn products. Users are advised to carefully read and understand the specific rules of each staking project, which include conditions such as the minimum redemption amount, interest accrual start time, reward distribution time, principal redemption period, and expected annualized earnings.

Additionally, OKX will charge a certain percentage of fees for using the On-chain Earn service. Detailed fee information can be found on the product introduction page.

OKX also clarified that it assumes no responsibility for any disputes, hacking incidents, project fraud, or other risks that may result in asset loss for subscribers, apart from project launch and reward distribution.

Future Developments

OKX has expressed gratitude for the continued support from its user base and hinted at the launch of more On-chain Earn products in the coming weeks. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for further announcements and offerings.

For more details, the official announcement can be found on OKX’s website.

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