OKX Announces Listing of LayerZero (ZRO) for Spot Trading

OKX Announces Listing of LayerZero (ZRO) for Spot Trading

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the listing of LayerZero (ZRO) on its spot trading market. According to OKX, the listing will follow a structured timeline, starting with deposits opening at 8:00 am UTC on June 19, 2024. This will be followed by the commencement of ZRO/USDT spot trading at 12:00 pm UTC on June 20, 2024, and withdrawals opening at 10:00 am UTC on June 21, 2024.

LayerZero Overview

LayerZero is an open-source, immutable messaging protocol designed to facilitate the creation of omnichain, interoperable applications. The protocol aims to enable seamless communication and interaction between different blockchain networks, enhancing the overall efficiency and functionality of decentralized applications (dApps).

Asset Details

The key details for LayerZero (ZRO) are as follows:

  • Asset name: LayerZero
  • Ticker: ZRO
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ZRO
  • Contract address: 0x6985884c4392d348587b19cb9eaaf157f13271cd

Market Implications

The listing of LayerZero on OKX is expected to provide significant liquidity and trading opportunities for ZRO holders. This move aligns with the broader trend of integrating interoperable solutions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which is increasingly focusing on cross-chain compatibility and decentralized interoperability.

Risk Disclaimer

OKX has issued a risk warning stating that the information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. The exchange does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and advises investors to conduct their own research and evaluate their risk appetite before trading any digital assets. Digital assets are highly speculative and subject to high volatility, and investors may lose the entire value of their investment.

For more details, please refer to the official announcement on OKX’s website: OKX.

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