Meet Jeff Brooks: The Human Behind Gala Games’ VOX Project

Meet Jeff Brooks: The Human Behind Gala Games' VOX Project

As Gala Games continues to shape its highly anticipated Project Cerberus, the excitement is palpable across every corner of GalaChain. This burgeoning project has both humans and VOX characters eagerly awaiting its launch. Before delving deeper into Project Cerberus, Gala Games has chosen to spotlight the remarkable individuals contributing to this voxelated universe, starting with Jeff Brooks.

Introducing Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks, known as jeffgamedev in the gaming community, has been a game developer at Gala Games for just over a year. With a career spanning 14 years as a professional game developer and full-stack engineer, Jeff’s journey into game development began at the tender age of 11. He started by creating text adventure games in C and participating in early online game jams, known then as “compos.”

Jeff’s experience includes working with niche game libraries and engines such as VERGE, Sphere, ika, Allegro, Pygame, and libGDX. A resident of the Midwest United States, Jeff is also a husband, father, and horse owner. He is a passionate fan of the Elder Scrolls and Deus Ex series, currently on a mission to complete all the games in these franchises.

Personal Insights from Jeff

When asked about a Guinness World Record he would like to break, Jeff expressed a desire to port the most retro games to PC in history. If he had to transform into a food, he would choose a giant chocolate chip cookie cake, citing chocolate chip cookies as the best baked goods.

For his wrestling entrance theme, Jeff would opt for Guile’s theme from Street Fighter, flexing his love for retro gaming. He also revealed his least favorite popular TV show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and stated that mind reading is a superpower he would not want.

Jeff’s go-to meal, if he had to eat one every day for the rest of his life, would be protein bars. In a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, he would team up with his wife and two kids. Reflecting on past fashion choices, he admitted to rocking sandals with socks for the sake of comfort and convenience.

One of his most embarrassing haircuts was a mullet he had at the age of five, influenced by living in the deep south during the peak popularity of the song “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Jeff’s Passion for VOX

Jeff’s favorite aspect of working on VOX is his long-standing love for voxel art. He has always envisioned 3D video games capturing the essence of 2D games in a 3D world, and VOX embodies this vision perfectly.

Jeff’s most used emoji is a testament to his expressive nature, as he frequently uses it to communicate in the digital space.

Gala Games values the cooperation between humans and VOX characters, considering it essential for the future of entertainment. The company is committed to fair and equitable treatment of its team members, whether they are boxy or rounded, all working towards a better, squared future.

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