Fox Corporation to Transition Verify Beta to Polygon (MATIC) CDK-Powered Layer 2

Fox Corporation to Transition Verify Beta to Polygon (MATIC) CDK-Powered Layer 2

Fox Corporation has announced a significant upgrade to its Verify Beta, transitioning it to a dedicated zero-knowledge (ZK) blockchain using Polygon (MATIC)’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). The move marks Fox Corporation as the first enterprise to launch a ZK-powered Ethereum Layer 2 (L2), according to Polygon Technology.

TIME as First External Partner

In a notable development, TIME will be the first external media company to utilize the Verify protocol for content licensing and verification. This partnership aims to establish a technical, cryptographic bridge to AI platforms, enabling new commercial opportunities for publishers.

Content Registration and Verification

The Verify protocol, developed by Fox Corporation’s Emerging Technology team with implementation support from Gelato, is designed to prove the origin of registered media. More than 106,000 articles and 300,000 pieces of content have already been registered on the beta version, which was initially built on Polygon PoS.

End consumers will be able to verify the origin of content through the open protocol, as showcased on the beta app, The Verify team plans to release open-source smart contracts, allowing publishers of all sizes to license their content to AI companies.

Enhanced Capacity and Adoption

The transition to a dedicated ZK chain is expected to increase the capacity for content registration onchain, eliminating the competition for resources on Polygon PoS. This upgrade will focus specifically on content attestation and provenance, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Verify protocol.

The Verify protocol is open source, and developers are invited to contribute or fork the source code available on GitHub. Originally developed in-house by Fox’s Emerging Technology team, the protocol will now leverage Gelato to implement the dedicated chain using Polygon CDK.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Verify may connect to the AggLayer, joining a horizontally scalable network of interoperable chains for seamless cross-chain message passing. This could further enhance the protocol’s capabilities and integration with other blockchain ecosystems.

Fox Corporation initially launched the closed beta of Verify in August 2023. Since then, over 300,000 pieces of content have been signed to Verify from various Fox-related brands, including Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and Fox TV affiliates. With TIME joining as the first external publisher, the platform is set to expand its reach and utility.

For more information, visit the official Polygon Technology blog.

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