Russia Ukraine war update: Kyiv strikes Russia ‘with kamikaze drones’ as Putin’s troops suffer in Kharkiv

Zelensky says China trying to undermine Ukraine peace summit

Ukraine has struck several regions of Russia with kamikaze drones, officials have claimed, as Kremlin-approved outlets reported damage to multiple military sites.

Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) officials said they targeted military facilities in the Lipetsk, Belgorod and Voronezh, all of which are within 250 miles of the Ukrainian border.

Russian state media outlet Astra reported that a pipeline had been damaged in one of the workshops of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant in Lipetsk, while residents reported explosions and smoke over the tractor plant at about 1:40 a.m local time. The Russian defence ministry claimed that six drones had been shot down over the three regions.

It comes as a Russian soldier claimed their forces were suffering massive losses in their attempts to capture further territory in the northeast Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

“They just chop us up. We are sent under machine guns, under drones in daylight, like meat. And commanders just shout ‘forward and forward’,” soldier Anton Andreev said in a video message, in comments published by Astra.


Ukraine employs a flexible defense while waiting for new Western ammo to get to the front

Tom Watling17 June 2024 23:00


Putin treats international law like ‘toilet paper’, says Kyiv’s top official as peace summit meets

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Kidnapped, abused, humiliated – the Ukrainian children stolen by Russia

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Putin warns West’s ‘theft’ of Russian assets in G7 deal won’t go unpunished

Putin says West’s ‘theft’ of Russian assets in G7 deal won’t go unpunished

Vladimir Putin has denounced the freezing of Russian assets by the West as “theft” and vowed that it would not go “unpunished” in a speech at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday 14 June. Mr Putin’s remarks came on the heels of a deal by G7 nations for a $50 billion loan package for Ukraine using frozen Russian assets. The Russian president also accused Western countries of “destroying the system that they created and which for many decades ensured their prosperity and allowed them to consume more than they earn through debts”. “Despite all the scheming, theft will remain theft, and it will not go unpunished,” he said.

Tom Watling17 June 2024 20:00


The war between Russia and Ukraine is set to grind on as a peace conference packs little punch

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Nicolae Stanciu stunner helps Romania record impressive victory over Ukraine

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Putin to visit North Korea for talks with Kim Jong Un, both countries say

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Ukrainian soldiers watch as their team plays Romania in Euro 2024

Ukrainian soldiers somewhere along the frontline in the eastern Donetsk region have been pictured watching their national team play against Romania in their first game of Euro 2024.

Ukrainian service members react as they watch the Euro 2024 match between Romania and Ukraine
Ukrainian service members react as they watch the Euro 2024 match between Romania and Ukraine (REUTERS)

Tom Watling17 June 2024 16:30


We rescue Ukrainian children from Russia and see the trauma they suffer

Tom Watling17 June 2024 16:00


Putin sacks four Russian deputy defence ministers, appoints his niece

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday sacked four deputy defence ministers and appointed a relative, Anna Tsivileva, to fill one of the vacancies, according to Kremlin decrees.

Tom Watling17 June 2024 15:30

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