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IDF Reservist + 100,000 Troops PLAN COUP IN ISRAEL | All The Details & Official Response

A shocking video has surfaced in Israeli media, showing an IDF reservist declaring that he and 100,000 fellow reservists will not leave Gaza and refuse to hand it over to Hamas or any Arab forces. This bold statement has sent ripples through the Israeli political and military landscape, raising concerns about the potential for significant military insubordination.

Key Points

Reservist’s Declaration

The video features an IDF reservist in Gaza claiming allegiance to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He asserts that he and 100,000 reservists will not leave Gaza and will not surrender it to Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, or any Arab entity.

Threats to Leadership

The reservist directly threatens Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, warning of a rebellion if their military strategy does not change. He insists that only Netanyahu should lead, rejecting the current defense leadership.

Video Context

Filmed in a building showing signs of combat, the video includes threats of military insubordination and references to graffiti from the Kahana movement, an extreme right-wing faction in Israel. The reservist emphasizes loyalty only to Netanyahu and criticizes other leaders.

IDF Response

The IDF condemned the video, stating it represents a severe breach of military orders and values. An official investigation has been launched, and high-level military and political reviews are underway to address the incident and its potential implications.

Internal Divisions

The incident highlights deepening divisions within Israeli society and the military, exacerbated by recent judicial reform protests and ongoing conflicts. These tensions raise serious concerns about internal stability and the risk of widespread military disobedience.

Detailed Analysis

The Viral Video

The video, which has gone viral, is unprecedented in its blatant call for a military coup. The reservist, clad in a combat vest, speaks in Hebrew, addressing Prime Minister Netanyahu directly. He makes it clear that he and his comrades will not follow orders from Gallant or Halevi unless their demands for a victorious strategy are met. The reservist’s alignment with Netanyahu and his outright rejection of other military leaders underscore a deep-seated division within the ranks.

IDF’s Immediate Response

The IDF swiftly responded, condemning the video as a violation of military discipline and initiating an investigation. The chief military prosecutor has ordered a probe, and a top-level command meeting has been called to address the issue. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the involvement of both military and political leaders.

Netanyahu’s Reaction

Netanyahu’s response has been notably measured. While he warned against refusal to serve, he did not directly address the reservist’s actions, leading to speculation that he may tacitly support the sentiment expressed. This has drawn criticism from figures like Benny Gantz, a member of the war cabinet, who called for a more direct condemnation from the Prime Minister.

Broader Context

The backdrop to this crisis includes widespread protests against judicial reforms and a highly polarized Israeli society. The reservist’s threats reflect broader discontent and a fractured military command structure. The situation is further complicated by the ongoing conflict in Gaza, which has only intensified internal divisions.


The video not only reveals a potential coup attempt but also highlights the fragility of Israel’s internal cohesion. The coming days will be crucial as the IDF and political leaders navigate this unprecedented challenge.


What prompted the reservist’s declaration?

The reservist’s declaration is a response to perceived failures in military strategy and leadership, particularly targeting Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

What are the potential consequences of this insubordination?

The potential consequences include severe disciplinary actions against those involved, a significant investigation, and possible restructuring within the IDF to address internal divisions.

How has the Israeli public reacted to this video?

The Israeli public is deeply divided, with some supporting the reservist’s stance and others condemning it. The incident has intensified ongoing protests and debates about military and political leadership.

What steps is the IDF taking to address this issue?

The IDF has launched an official investigation, and top-level command meetings are being held to discuss the incident and its implications. Disciplinary actions are likely to follow.

Could this lead to a larger political crisis in Israel?

Yes, this incident could escalate into a larger political crisis, highlighting the fragility of Israel’s internal cohesion and potentially leading to significant changes in military and political leadership.

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