Arkham Introduces Bulk Upload Feature for Address Clusters

Arkham Introduces Bulk Upload Feature for Address Clusters

Arkham Intelligence has unveiled a new feature named Bulk Upload, designed to enable users to add clusters of addresses to a custom Arkham Entity efficiently. This update allows users to copy and paste up to 50 addresses at a time, streamlining the process of managing address clusters on the platform.

How to Use the Bulk Upload Feature

To utilize the Bulk Upload feature, users need to navigate to an entity’s page on the Private Labels Dashboard and click the “Bulk Upload” button. Once there, users have the option to either copy and paste addresses directly into the dialog box or upload a CSV file containing the addresses. It is important to ensure that each address is listed on a separate line. Additionally, labels can be added by including them on the same line as the address, separated by a comma.

Enhancing Efficiency for Users

This feature is expected to significantly enhance efficiency for users who manage large numbers of addresses. By allowing the bulk upload of multiple addresses, Arkham Intelligence aims to save users time and reduce the complexity of managing blockchain addresses.

Visual Guidance for Users

To assist users in navigating the new feature, Arkham Intelligence has provided visual guidance. The platform includes screenshots that illustrate the steps involved in using the Bulk Upload feature, making it easier for users to understand and implement the process.

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