Uniswap (UNI) Labs Acquires Blockchain-Based Interactive Game, ‘Crypto: The Game’

Uniswap (UNI) Labs Acquires Blockchain-Based Interactive Game, 'Crypto: The Game'

Uniswap (UNI) Labs Expands with New Acquisition

In a significant move to diversify its portfolio and enhance user experiences, Uniswap Labs has acquired Crypto: The Game (CTG), an interactive, onchain survival game, according to Uniswap Protocol. This acquisition marks a strategic move for Uniswap Labs as it aims to integrate more interactive onchain activations for its growing community.

The CTG team will join forces with Uniswap Labs to continue their work on the highly anticipated Season 3 of the game. Additionally, the team will experiment with new onchain features and activations, enriching the Uniswap ecosystem.

A Year of Milestones for Uniswap Labs

Uniswap Labs has had a busy year, marked by several key developments. The company launched UniswapX, submitted v4 for security audits, and introduced the Uniswap Wallet with support for more blockchain networks. The acquisition of CTG is another step towards achieving Uniswap Labs’ goal of providing the best onchain experiences for its users.

The Journey of Crypto: The Game

Launched as an interactive onchain game, Crypto: The Game has captivated Crypto Twitter with its first two seasons. In each season, contestants bought in with 0.1 ETH, formed tribes, participated in daily challenges, and voted each other out over ten-day seasons until a single winner emerged. The game has been known for its surprising twists and engaging gameplay.

Fans of the game can expect new themes, twists, and onchain features in the upcoming season. While specific details remain under wraps, the collaboration with Uniswap Labs is expected to bring exciting innovations to the game.

Future Updates and Community Engagement

The CTG team assures fans that the game isn’t going anywhere, and more thrilling updates lie ahead. To stay informed about the latest developments, fans are encouraged to follow CTG on Twitter and Farcaster. For broader updates from Uniswap Labs, followers can keep an eye on Uniswap’s Twitter.

As Uniswap Labs continues to innovate and expand, the integration of Crypto: The Game is set to offer unique and engaging experiences for the broader crypto community.

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