TAIKO (TAI) Token Airdrop Phase 1 Now Open for Eligible Users

TAIKO (TAI) Token Airdrop Phase 1 Now Open for Eligible Users

TAIKO, the blockchain project, has officially opened Phase 1 of its TAIKO (TAI) token airdrop, according to Taiko blog. Approximately 5% of the initial TAIKO supply, or around 50 million tokens, are now available for eligible users to claim.

Eligibility Criteria for the Airdrop

The TAIKO airdrop is designed to reward early contributors and community members. Eligible users include:

  • Taiko proposers and provers
  • Taiko bridgoors
  • Taiko users (including those with Galxe points)
  • Taiko developers
  • GitHub contributors
  • Loopring community members

Eligibility is determined by a scoring system based on users’ activities and contributions to the Taiko ecosystem. Users who meet the minimum score requirements can claim their tokens.

How to Claim Your TAIKO Tokens

Eligible users can follow these steps to claim their TAIKO tokens:

  1. Bridge over some ETH to Taiko to pay for minimal gas fees. Users can use Taiko’s official bridge or any other ecosystem bridge.
  2. Visit and connect your wallet.
  3. Click on “Claim now”. If eligible, click on “Review TAIKO amount” and then “Claim TAIKO”.
  4. Sign the message on your wallet and pay the minimal gas fees.
  5. Add the TAIKO token to your wallet by clicking on “Add to wallet”.

The claim window is open from June 5, 2024, to July 5, 2024. Users are advised only to use the official Taiko airdrop claim page to avoid scams.

Future Opportunities: The Trailblazers Program

For those who did not qualify for the Phase 1 airdrop, the upcoming Trailblazers program will offer another opportunity. Allocating 10% of the total TAIKO supply, this program will reward users for daily activities across the Taiko ecosystem. More details on the Trailblazers program can be found here.

Contribute and Stay Updated

Community members can contribute to Taiko on GitHub and earn a GitPOAP, becoming featured as contributors on the Taiko README. Interested individuals can explore open positions on Taiko’s job board.

For the latest updates, users are encouraged to join Taiko’s Discord server and follow their official channels.

This communication is not an offer to sell or solicit an offer to purchase any Taiko tokens. It should not be construed as financial advice. Regulatory compliance measures may restrict or deny access to some users based on jurisdiction. Always consult a qualified professional for legal, investment, financial, or tax advice.

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