How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: Direct Purchase and Ethereum Transfer

How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: Direct Purchase and Ethereum Transfer

With the launch of the Immutable (IMX) zkEVM Mainnet, users are gearing up to explore a variety of well-funded games set to debut on the chain. According to, holding funds on Immutable zkEVM through Immutable Passport enables players to seamlessly play, earn, and trade across numerous games and marketplaces from a single secure location.

Methods to Get Funds onto Immutable zkEVM

Ensuring you have funds on Immutable zkEVM is straightforward with these two primary methods:

Option 1: Buy Coins Directly

The Immutable Toolkit facilitates the direct purchase of coins on Immutable zkEVM using various payment options like card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. The steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the “Buy coins” section within Immutable Toolkit
  2. Connect your wallet (either Immutable Passport wallet or MetaMask)
  3. Follow the prompts from Transak, the on-ramp provider, to select the number of coins, enter payment details, and verify identity
  4. Upon completion, your wallet on Immutable zkEVM will be funded

Option 2: Transferring Funds from Ethereum

For those already holding coins on L1 Ethereum, transferring to L2 Immutable zkEVM is both secure and easy. The Immutable Toolkit allows users to bridge funds between MetaMask and Immutable Passport. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Move coins” section within Immutable Toolkit
  2. Select the wallet and network where your funds are stored and where you wish to move them
  3. Choose the number of tokens to move, then review and approve the transaction
  4. Your wallet on Immutable zkEVM will be successfully funded

Considerations and Best Practices

Managing on-chain funds requires attention to security and cost efficiency. Here are some best practices:

  1. Enable security measures and use Immutable Passport for a secure experience
  2. Be aware that gas fees vary based on network congestion and funding approach. However, once funds are on Immutable zkEVM, gas fees are significantly lower

Stay updated with Immutable Toolkit and Immutable Passport for the latest funding methods, rewards, and upcoming games.

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