Nevada Couple Who Hoarded Animals Now Under House Arrest


Posted on: April 29, 2024, 10:30h. 

Last updated on: April 29, 2024, 03:53h.

UPDATE: Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court on Thursday. They face 14 charges of torturing or killing an animal for incidents occurring in the Las Vegas area, according to Las Vegas TV station KVVU. The counts are not in connection with a prior case in Boulder City, Nev. They will reappear in court in August and can’t possess any animals.

EARLIER: The elderly Nevada couple who abused some 150 animals under their care were given a sentence last week that requires them to remain at home instead of behind bars.

Boulder City Judge Victor L. Miller
Boulder City Judge Victor L. Miller, pictured above, gave two defendants house arrest in connection with an animal hoarding case. (Image: Boulder City Review)

The two were fitted with electronic bracelets to ensure they follow court-mandated guidelines. A Boulder City, Nev. judge also ordered their two-and-a-half-year sentences be suspended.

If they violate the terms of their sentences, they could be ordered to go to jail.

Random Searches

The couple can’t possess any animals for the immediate future. There will be random searches to ensure there are no animals in their residence, businesses, or vehicles.

They also must undergo community service, pay a $1,500 fine, and take part in counseling, under the sentence handed down by Judge Victor L. Miller.

I think that we have made a point, the seriousness of this, with 26 days [already spent in jail], and another two and half years over your head, not only for you, but for the community, for others to know that this is not acceptable in our community,” Judge Miller admonished the defendants, Carolyn Luke, 73, and Timothy Miller, 79, last week.

The judge opted for monitoring and counseling rather than agreeing with a prosecutor that the couple belonged in jail for a year each.

Both defendants pleaded no contest to five counts of animal cruelty. Many other counts were dismissed in Boulder City.

The couple faced a total of 51 counts of animal cruelty after a Boulder City police officer spotted 51 rabbits and guinea pigs in their car in March. Boulder City cops stopped the suspects’ vehicle after receiving a tip from Gina Greisen, president of the Nevada Voters for Animals organization.

Greisen drove to the couple’s residence after receiving a report of possible animal hoarding. She then followed their car to Boulder City.

The couple was arrested and already spent weeks at the Henderson Detention Center.

More animals were hoarded by Luke and Timothy Miller at their Las Vegas residence and a nearby La Quinta hotel, authorities said. Between the three locations, 40 of the animals were dead or later passed away, Las Vegas TV station KSNV reported.

Animals Are Sheltered

Eighty-eight of the surviving animals were given shelter by the Las Vegas Animal Foundation. They include dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, a rabbit, and a few tortoises. Also, the staff will be trying to place the animals in suitable homes.

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