Cops Tase Students in Violent Arrests at Emory


Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/AFP

As college students demand divestment from Israel and protest other causes around the country this week, police crackdowns — sanctioned by university administrations — have followed in quick succession. In the latest dramatic example, the Georgia State Patrol, Atlanta Police Department, and Emory Police Department officers broke up a pro-Palestine tent encampment at Emory University in Atlanta on Thursday, hours after students set it up on the school’s main quad.

Videos show police bringing students to the ground to detain them. Students, who were also protesting the university’s involvement in a police-training facility known as “Cop City,” allege that police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. One clip shows police Tasing a student who is already handcuffed and on the ground:

Among those arrested was the chair of Emory’s philosophy department. Authorities have not yet released the number of students arrested.

Since Columbia University president Minouche Shafik allowed the NYPD onto campus last week to arrest students at the school’s Gaza Solidarity Encampment, other similar encampments have cropped up on many campuses — and arrests have followed. Elsewhere in Manhattan, 120 NYU demonstrators were detained this week. In Boston, over 100 students were arrested at Emerson College early on Thursday morning, and all classes have been canceled for the day. At the University of Southern California, police arrested close to 100 students. (On Thursday, the school canceled its commencement ceremony.) And at the University of Texas at Austin, over 50 protesters and a photographer for the local Fox affiliate were arrested on Wednesday by state police on horseback and in riot gear — only for the demonstration to grow considerably the next day. With the end of the school year approaching, the momentum appears to be picking up with protests at dozens of campuses across the country.

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