interview the brave women in Ukraine whose husbands risk their lives to bring comfort and hope on the frontline


What do you do when everything falls apart? Is God really there in war, loss and grief?

This is your opportunity to cover a unique event for approximately 50 women in Ukraine whose husbands risk their lives every day to help others and bring God’s comfort on the frontline of the war. These courageous women and pastors’ wives face deadly missile attacks on their own communities day and night.

WHAT: The “Unmet Expectations” gathering April 29 – May 1, 2024 aims to encourage Ukrainian women whose lives and dreams have been torn apart by war.

WHERE: Near Kyiv, Ukraine.

WHO: Key speakers at the event include Oleksandra and Angela, two remarkable Ukrainian women partnering with Illinois-based Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) which is hosting the gathering. Oleksandra counsels young women who’ve lost a loved one or live every day in fear of being widowed as the war rages on. Oleksandra and her husband are expecting their first child. Angela’s husband is an SGA-supported missionary chaplain serving on the frontline.

Both Oleksandra and Angela speak excellent, clear English and are exceptional communicators via audio and video broadcasts. Both women have incredible insights to share with your audience as they “speak from the heart.”

Watch Oleksandra here.

Speakers also include Kristi and Eric Mock, an American couple serving with SGA. Eric, SGA’s senior vice president, is a frequent visitor to Ukraine where he supports SGA’s network of hundreds of local evangelical churches delivering food aid and sharing the Gospel.

MEDIA: To arrange your interview via Zoom, contact:

DeWayne Hamby [email protected] (423) 505-0041 (text or phone)


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