Melania Trump Marks Mother’s Day by Selling Ugly Necklace


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Melania Trump does not seem that interested in standing by her husband on the 2024 campaign trail or during his numerous court appearances. But she’s finding other ways to support Donald Trump at this financially difficult time.

On Sunday, the former First Lady announced that she is selling a $245 necklace to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12.

“Being a mother is one of the most important roles in life. For this Mother’s Day, I have designed the ‘Her Love & Gratitude’ necklace to express immense gratitude and honor all mothers,” she said in a statement, per The Hill.

There’s an air of mystery about this necklace that makes it feel more authentically Melania than other recent product releases, like her generic Christmas ornaments and patriotic NFT collection (though the necklace also comes with “a limited-edition digital collectible,” whatever that is).

For example, what does “Her Love & Gratitude” mean? Is the necklace celebrating Mom’s love and gratitude or the giver’s gratitude for Mom’s love? It’s giving “Be Best” vibes.

Why is the tagline “Her Love, an exquisite jewel filled with immense gratitude” if the necklace features no jewels? It’s made of “gold vermeil,” which means it’s gold-plated sterling silver.

And what is the pendant supposed to be? The description says it’s a flower, but what are the three heart-shaped petals supposed to symbolize? Mom and two kids? Mom, Dad, and Dad’s mistress? The three people who raised the giver as part of a polycule?

Outside of the clover shape and Melania’s signature on the back, a lot of the necklace’s design is left up to the buyer. The description says, “Each necklace can be engraved with names, initials, or significant dates to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.”

So engraving LOVE, &, and GRATITUDE on the front is just a suggestion. Any slogan — say WHAT’S SHE THINKING or LET’S GO BRANDON — is just fine as long as each word is under 12 characters. Melania really doesn’t care what you write provided that “U” hand over $245.

What happens with that money is unclear. When Melania released her “Yearning to Breathe Free” NFTs, her office said an unspecified “portion” of the proceeds would go toward Fostering the Future, a “Be Best initiative” that supports children in foster care. But the former First Lady’s website doesn’t say where the funds raised from necklace sales are going.

Hopefully if Melania shares some of the proceeds with her cash-poor husband, he’ll give her a proper Mother’s Day tribute on Truth Social. Last year, his wife of 18 years was just lumped into a sarcastic greeting to the moms of America’s “Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, and Communists.”

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