Taylor Swift is joining Threads at the exact same time as her new album drop


With the Eras Tour still under way and The Tortured Poets Department dropping today, you can’t shake off Taylor Swift these days. She’s everywhere — in the news, on streaming services and on social media, which now includes Threads. Taylor’s Threads account, and her first post, are going live around midnight. And if you’re one of the first people to share her post, you’ll get a custom badge based on her new album’s artwork that you can display on your Threads profile.

Meta has been dropping hints and releasing easter eggs for Swifties over the past week as part of a countdown for her album release today. You may have even seen its call to pre-follow Swift on Threads, along with the shimmer effect that’s been showing up on conversations on the social network with Taylor-related hashtags. Celebratory hearts pop up when you like relevant posts, as well.

On Instagram, you’ll be able to change the background in your DMs with one that’s inspired by TPD’s artwork. The company told Engadget that the countdown on Taylor’s Instagram profile will also reset, and you can apparently expect yet another surprise in-app experience to go live at 2AM ET.

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