Las Vegas Monorail to Close Down? • This Week in Gambling


Social media reports are notoriously unreliable… except for our posts, of course. And one recent post about the Las Vegas Monorail caught a lot of peoples attention, claiming that the service was to be shut down as early as 2028. So is there any truth to the rumor?

According to Reuters, these rumors originated from a post on April 6th by Twitter user Las Vegas Issues. Screenshots of this post were subsequently circulated on various social media platforms, fueling further speculation. This would be especially strange if true, as the new Las Vegas baseball stadium had tentative plans to utilize the Las Vegas Monorail for games.

Fact-checkers discredited Las Vegas Issues as an unreliable source, noting that its bio describes its focus as “Vegas news, memes, and things.” The account primarily shares updates and humor related to Las Vegas, and it has not provided evidence to substantiate its claims about the service being discontinued.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority took over the assets of the Las Vegas Monorail Company in December 2020. In response to inquiries from Reuters, the LVCVA clarified that it has no intentions of halting Monorail operations. Since resuming operations in May 2021, the Monorail has generated over $8 million in net revenue.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is a government agency, and was founded by the Nevada Legislature in 1955. The LVCVA owns and operates the Las Vegas Convention Center and is responsible for the advertising campaigns for the Clark County. The LVCVA also owns the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop and the Las Vegas Monorail.