Nintendo’s next Indie World showcase is set for April 17


Word on the street is that Nintendo won’t release the long-awaited successor to the Switch . As such, the company needs to let fans know what they’ll be able to play on the current console over the coming months. To help pad out the schedule, Nintendo has a bunch of indie game releases lined up. We will find out what some of those are during the next Indie World showcase, which is set for April 17 at 10 AM ET.

Nintendo says the stream will last for around 20 minutes and it will include updates on games that are coming to Switch this year. There have not been many indications as to what to expect. However, there may finally, finally be news on the Hollow Knight: Silksong front.

I know, I know, we mention this game every single time one of these streams comes up (and with good reason as it’s one of the most hotly anticipated games right now). That said, there have been some hints that we’ll get an update on Team Cherry’s sequel soon. A page for it finally appeared on the Microsoft Store this month and it’s . So if the Indie World stream does not include a Silksong release date, perhaps we’ll finally find out what it is at the Xbox showcase in June. Keep your fingers crossed.

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