Islamic Jihad October 7 rape confession: "The devil took over me."

The IDF released a video on Thursday showing the interrogation of an Islamic Jihad terrorist named Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem, who confessed to and described his rape of an Israeli woman on October 7.

According to the interrogation video, Qasem seemed unaware of the invasion of Israel in advance, but upon arriving at their regular base, one of his fellow Islamic Jihad counterparts informed him of their plan to attack Israel.

Although trained for naval combat, Qasem and his counterpart joined the invasion on land. Qasem mentioned to the interrogator that his counterpart was injured in the head after they crossed into Israel, but he proceeded into a Kibbutz armed with a handgun and two grenades.

He then recounted entering a house alone, initially thinking it was empty, until he found a woman in one of the side rooms.

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